Financial support for MPs

Basic salary

As of 1 May 2017: NOK 928 602 gross per annum (subject to regular income taxation).

As of 1 May 2017: The President of the Storting receives the same total annual salary as the Prime Minister: NOK 1 631 346.

Additional salary

First Vice President +14% of the basic salary. Other Vice Presidents and Chairs of the standing committees +7%.

Travel allowances

MPs have their travel expenses covered for official journeys in accordance with the Government Scale.

If the distance between the MP’s home and the Storting is greater than 40 km, travel costs to and from the MP’s home at the beginning and close of each session, at holiday periods, and at weekends are covered. Travel costs will also be covered for two trips home a week for MPs with children up to the age of 19.

There are no travel allowances within the capital. After late evening meetings in the Storting (after 10 p.m.) taxi fares to the MP’s Oslo accommodation will be covered.

Travel abroad must be approved by the Storting’s Presidium, and expenses are covered in accordance with the Government Scale.

Private secretaries and other financial support for the parliamentary party groups

Norwegian MPs do not have personal assistants. All such assistance is provided through MPs’ parliamentary party secretariats.

The Storting provides an annual contribution of NOK 4 897 378 as a basic amount to the party secretariat plus NOK  808 079 per MP.

Party groups which are not represented in government and which consist of two or more MPs are given an opposition contribution of NOK 3 060 862 in addition.

Free office

Each MP has an office in the parliament buildings at her/his disposal free of charge. All accommodation and telephone expenses are paid by the Storting.

Postal costs

The Storting covers all postal costs.

Telephone costs

Telephone costs are fully covered; in office, at home and mobile. IT broadband communication at home is also covered. The Storting provides MPs with mobile phones and covers all expenses. There is no upper expense limit. NOK 4 400 (annually) is subject to ordinary income taxation.


No formal regulation exists. Holidays are normally taken when the Storting is not in session.
Holiday remuneration is paid after the end of the MP’s last term and only for the last year of this term. At present the holiday remuneration amounts to 10.2% of the basic salary for MPs below the age of 60 and 12.5% for MPs over 60.

Health insurance

All MPs have life insurance and accident insurance on the same terms as other public employees in Norway.


The pension scheme for MPs was amended in 2012. MPs earn a pension holding in which all years in Parliament count. Former MPs can take out a flexible pension from the age of 62 to 75. The annual pension depends on when an MP starts to take out his/her pension. The pension holding is calculated on the basis of 6.03% of the salary up to NOK 605 240 and 24.13% of the salary between NOK 605 240  and NOK 1 022 940.

Read more about the principle features of the pension scheme for Members of the Norwegian Parliament (MPs) and members of government.

Severance pay

In the event of an MP not being re-elected and having no other source of income, he/she can receive three months’ salary. In the event of no income after 3 months, application for a further allowance can be made for an additional 12 months.

Income tax

MPs pay income tax with ordinary deductions on the basic salary and subsistence allowances.


Loss and damage to property in the Storting are covered by insurance. Loss and damage to personal property must be reported to the police. Compensation will only be available through the MP’s own personal insurance scheme.

Travel insurance

The Storting has taken out a mutual luggage insurance which covers loss of up to NOK 35 000.


MPs from constituencies more than 40 km from the Storting receive free accommodation assistance within Oslo. The Storting owns 140 flats for this purpose.

Substitute Members are offered free accommodation within the Storting buildings for the period of time they meet in the Storting. In all, 15 rooms have been refurbished for this purpose.

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