The Standing Committee on Justice

Matters relating to the judicial system; the correctional services; the police; other judicial issues; civil preparedness; ex gratia payments; general public administration legislation; the penal code; procedural legislation; general civil legislation; and reports from the National Human Rights Institution and other issues relating to the institution’s activities.

Committee Members

List of committee members


Mailing address

P.O. Box 1700 Sentrum
0026 Oslo


Committee Secretary

Ms Trude H. Lyng
Telephone: +47 23 31 30 80 

Committee Secretariat

Mr Tore Fossum
Telephone: +47 23 31 37 47

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Committee members
Role Name Political Party
Chair Vågslid, Lene Labour Party
First Vice Chair Klinge, Jenny Centre Party
Second Vice Chair Frølich, Peter Conservative Party
Member Amundsen, Per-Willy Progress Party
Member Bøhler, Jan Centre Party
Member Eide, Petter Socialist Left Party
Member Foss, Ingunn Conservative Party
Member Freiberg, Kjell-Børge Progress Party
Member Henriksen, Martin Labour Party
Member Melvær, Frida Conservative Party
Member Aasen-Svensrud, Maria Labour Party