Guided tours in Parliament

We regret to inform you that all guided tours and school visits during the summer have been cancelled until further notice. This is due to the evolving situation related to the coronavirus. 

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What’s on?

Ina Rangønes Libak, head of the Labour Party Youth League, reminded all those present, including the President of the Storting, how vital the battle to uphold democracy and freedom of speech is against those who want to stop people from using their democratic rights. Photo: Storting.

The Storting present at the commemoration of 22nd July

The President of the Storting, Tone Wilhelmsen Trøen, and representatives of the parliamentary party groups were present at the memorial ceremony in Oslo nine years after the terrorist attacks on the Government Quarter and the island of Utøya.

Karl Korneliussen Kleppe was a Liberal Party MP for 24 years. He liked to document daily life in the Storting. Here, members of the Parliamentary Press Club are more than willing to have their photos taken at Løvebakken in 1924. Front, left to right: Per Dahl (NTB), Anton Beinset (Den 17. Mai), Harald Torp (Aftenposten). Back, left to right: Nils Tjensvoll (Dagbladet), Harald Johannesen (Morgenbladet), Alfred Aakermann (Arbeiderbladet), Arnt Braathen (Nationen) and Rolf Werner Erichsen (Morgenbladet). Photo: Karl Korneliussen Kleppe/Storting.

100 years of the Parliamentary Press Club

A century ago this year, the journalists who cover what goes on in the Storting founded their own association. The aim of setting up the Parliamentary Press Club was to ensure that its members had acceptable working conditions.

One of the lion statues in front of the Storting building. Photo: Storting.

About the Storting

The Storting is the Norwegian Parliament. It is the supreme arena for political debate and decision-making in the Kingdom of Norway.