Michael Tetzschner at the podium in Helsinki. Photo: Storting.

Michael Tetzschner at the podium in Helsinki. Photo: Storting.

Leadership of Nordic Council in 2018

Norway has been assigned the presidency of the Nordic Council for 2018. The goal is to help keep the Nordic region sustainable and secure, with particular emphasis on health, education, ocean affairs and defence.

“In a world characterised by change and unrest, Nordic cooperation is more important than ever,” says Michael Tetzschner (Conservative Party), the President of the Nordic Council for 2018.

“The Nordic region is one of the world’s best integrated regions – and we will guard that accomplishment. During the period of our presidency we will work actively to promote cooperation in areas important to the future.”

Four focus areas

The vision that will guide Norway’s presidency is continued sustainability and security in Nordic region. Norway has identified four priority areas, and will give particular attention to strengthening Nordic cooperation within:

  • Healthcare technology and patient safety
  • Education, inclusion and mobility
  • Environment and safety at sea
  • Defence and security

See the entire programme for the Norwegian presidency (English text is included).

Welcome to the Storting, next autumn

The Nordic Council’s election for the 2018 presidency was held in Helsinki on Thursday 2 November during the 69th Session of the Nordic Council. In advance of the session, the Norwegian delegation recommended Michael Tetzschner as candidate for President and Martin Kolberg for Vice President. Both were unanimously elected by their Nordic colleagues to head the Nordic Council’s Presidium next year.

The next session, the 70th, will be held at the Storting.

“On behalf of Oslo and the Storting I extend a warm welcome to our Nordic colleagues for next autumn,” says Mr Tetzschner.

“But before then, we will work actively to increase the advantages to 26 million Nordic residents from lowering the barriers between our countries,” he says.

Storting’s delegation to the Nordic Council

Nordic Council

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