Do you want to know what a petition resolution is or what is meant by duty of disclosure? Here is a list of explanations of terms that are frequently used in the Norwegian Parliament.

Velg bokstav


  • seat

    a place in an elected legislature, such as the Storting.
  • secret sitting

    the President may propose that negotiations take place in camera (i.e. behind closed doors). it is the assembly itself that determines whether or not the sitting should be secret. It is extremely rare for this to take place.
  • separation of powers

    the practice of preventing the abuse of power by dividing it into three branches. In Norway, this division is between the legislature (the Storting), the judiciary (the courts) and the executive (the Government). The principle of the separation of powers entails that the three branches of the state are separate institutions that do not intervene in each other’s work.
  • session

    session of the Storting, the period during which a Storting is gathered, often divided into an autumn session and a spring session.
  • sovereignty of the people

    the power of the state stems from the people. The people (i.e. the adult portion of the population with the right to vote) have given the state the authority to pass laws that set limits on an individual citizen’s liberties. Sovereignty of the people in our representative system is exercised by the Storting, which therefore governs on behalf of the people. A government can be removed by a majority in the Storting.
  • Sp

    common abbreviation for the Norwegian Centre Party (Senterpartiet). Founded under the name the Farmers’ Party (Bondepartiet) in 1920, it changed its name in 1959.
  • Speech from the Throne

    read by the King at the State Opening of the Storting. It contains the Government’s policy statement for the coming year. The Speech from the Throne is debated in the Storting.
  • spokesperson

    a standing committee appoints a spokesperson for each item of business sent to the committee. The spokesperson presents the matter to the committee, drafts the Recommendation and gives an account of the matter in the Storting.
  • standing committee (committee)

    almost all matters brought before the Storting are first considered by one of the twelve standing committees. All Members of the Storting, except the President, serve on one of these committees. All party groups in the Storting must have a Member serving on the Standing Committee on Scrutiny and Constitutional Affairs, but groups that are otherwise not represented on all committees are entitled to require that this Member can additionally serve on one of the other standing committees.
  • State Opening of the Storting

    The State Opening of the Storting usually occurs the day after the Storting has constituted itself at the beginning of October. The King reads the Speech from the Throne, which contains the Government’s policy statement for the coming year, and a cabinet minister reads the Report on the State of the Realm.
  • statement

    a cabinet minister’s oral statement in a sitting of the Storting. Such a statement is usually followed by a debate, often in a subsequent sitting.
  • steering committee

    each party group in the Storting is led by a steering committee. The chair of the steering committee is the party group’s parliamentary leader.
  • Substitute Member of the Storting

    a person who is elected to replace a Member of the Storting when the Member has a legitimate reason for being absent. A Substitute Member enjoys the same rights and privileges as the Member they are replacing.
  • SV

    common abbreviation for the Socialist Left Party of Norway (Sosialistisk Venstreparti). Founded in 1975 as a continuation of the Socialist Electoral League (Sosialistisk Valgforbund), a 1973 alliance between the Socialist People’s Party (Sosialistisk Folkeparti, SF), Communist Party of Norway (Norges Kommunistiske Parti, NKP) and the Information Committee of the Labour Movement against Norwegian Membership in the European Community (Arbeiderpartiets Informasjonskomité mot EEC, AIK).