Do you want to know what a petition resolution is or what is meant by duty of disclosure? Here is a list of explanations of terms that are frequently used in the Norwegian Parliament.

Velg bokstav


  • Lagting (historical term)

    the system of the Odelsting and Lagting was abolished as of 1 October 2009. Until this time, one-quarter of the Members of the Storting were elected to the Lagting. A Bill was sent to the Lagting for second consideration at least three days after it had been dealt with in the Odelsting.
  • legislative process

    As of 1 October 2009, all Bills must be dealt with by the Storting as a whole. There must be an interval of at least three days between the first and second reading of a Bill. Bills are dropped if they are dismissed at the first reading. A third reading is necessary if the Bill is not passed at the second reading. At any possible third reading, the decision made will appear in the official report of the sitting.
  • lobbying (lobbyism)

    the practice of making direct representations to Members, by individuals, organizations or companies, in order to influence and change policy and actions. Lobbyist: person or people who engage in lobbying.