Do you want to know what a petition resolution is or what is meant by duty of disclosure? Here is a list of explanations of terms that are frequently used in the Norwegian Parliament.

Velg bokstav


  • faction

    Members from the same party in a standing committee.
  • Finance Recommendation

    the recommendation of the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs on the draft Fiscal Budget and the draft resolution on budget ceilings (limits on how much money can be used in particular spheres). Until 1 October 2009 the term for this was Budget Recommendation S. I. After 1 October 2009, the term used is Recommendation to the Storting.
  • Fiscal Budget

    budget on government revenue and expenditure, passed by the Storting at the end of the autumn session. The Government’s draft Fiscal Budget is put forward in a Proposition to the Storting (Resolution).
  • franchise

    the right to vote in an election. In Norway, all citizens over the age of 18, or who will be 18 during the year in question are entitled to vote in municipal and general elections.
  • FrP

    common abbreviation for the Progress Party (Fremskrittspartiet). Founded under the name Anders Lange’s Party for a Strong Reduction in Taxes, Duties and Public Intervention (Anders Langes parti til sterk nedsettelse av skatter, avgifter og offentlige inngrep) in 1973. It changed its name in 1977.
  • future business

    a list over business that the Government announces it will send to the Storting.