Do you want to know what a petition resolution is or what is meant by duty of disclosure? Here is a list of explanations of terms that are frequently used in the Norwegian Parliament.

Velg bokstav


  • ballot paper

    on election day, the parties’ electoral lists are used as ballot papers. Ballot papers are stamped by an election official before being put in the ballot box.
  • budget agreement

    during negotiations on the Fiscal Budget, the opposition parties may enter into agreements in order to ensure they have a majority for the issues they consider important.
  • budget debate

    the debate on the Government’s economic policy. The debate is based on the budget speech, which is made by the Minister of Finance on the Government’s draft Fiscal Budget. It is one of the Storting’s most important debates.
  • Budget Recommendation (historical term)

    the recommendations that were written by the committees when the Fiscal Budget was dealt with during the autumn. As of 1 October 2009, the term Budget Recommendation has been replaced by the term Recommendation to the Storting.
  • budget speech

    the statement made by the Minister of Finance in relation to the presentation of the Government’s draft Fiscal Budget.