The Red Party

Norwegian: Rødt (R)

Partiet Rødts logo

The Red Party has 8 Members of Parliament. 


Mailing address:
Rødts stortingsgruppe
N-0026 Oslo

Telephone: +47 23 31 24 02

The Red Party's Web site (in Norwegian)

Parliamentary party group

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Medlemmer av partiets stortingsgruppe
No Name Membership role
105 Aydar, Seher
82 Jørgensen, Geir
122 Kristjánsson, Mímir
132 Lund, Tobias Drevland
62 Marhaug, Sofie
28 Martinussen, Marie Sneve
96 Moxnes, Bjørnar
153 Nyholt, Hege Bae