The Liberal Party

Norwegian: Venstre (V)

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The Liberal Party has 8 Members of Parliament and is part of the coalition government with The Conservative Party, The Progress Party and The Christian Democratic Party.

Party leader: Ms Guri Melby
Parliamentary leader: Mr Terje Breivik


Mailing address:
Venstres stortingsgruppe
N-0026 Oslo

Telephone: +47 23 31 33 62

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Medlemmer av partiets stortingsgruppe
No Name Membership role
63 Breivik, Terje Parliamentary Leader
107 Elvestuen, Ola Deputy Parliamentary Leader
96 Grande, Trine Skei
160 Grimstad, Carl-Erik
153 Gunnes, Jon
89 Kjenseth, Ketil
19 Schytz, Solveig
143 Skjelstad, André N.