The Delegation to EFTA and EEA Parliamentary Committees

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The Norwegian Delegation to the EFTA and EEA Parliamentary Committees has advisory powers towards the EFTA Council of Ministers.

Delegation members

Head of Delegation: Hansen, Svein Roald (Labour Party)
Deputy Head of Delegation: Gundersen, Gunnar (Conservative Party)
Member: Aasen, Marianne (Labour Party)
Member: Astrup, Nikolai (Conservative Party)
Member: Rytman, Jørund (Progress Party)
Member: Toskedal, Geir S. (Christian Democratic Party)
Substitute member: Agdestein, Elin Rodum (Conservative Party)
Substitute member: Bjørdal, Fredric Holen (Labour Party)
Substitute member: Christensen, Jette F. (Labour Party)
Substitute member: Holmås, Heikki Eidsvoll (Socialist Left Party)
Substitute member: Johansen, Irene (Labour Party)
Substitute member: Limi, Hans Andreas (Progress Party)
Substitute member: Nesvik, Harald T. (Progress Party)
Substitute member: Rotevatn, Sveinung (Liberal Party)
Substitute member: Trellevik., Ove Bernt (Conservative Party)
Substitute member: Navarsete, Liv Signe (Centre Party)


The International Department is responsible for secretariat duties for the Storting’s Delegation to the EFTA and EEA Parliamentary Committees. 

Telephone: +47 23 31 30 50

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Background information

The Norwegian Delegation to the EFTA and EEA Parliamentary Committees meets regularly with the four EFTA Ministers. From Norway, the responsible minister in these meetings is the Minister of Trade and Industry. EFTAs free trade agreements and other developments in EFTA and the EEA are on the agenda. The EFTA and EEA Parliamentary Committees thus operate as a link to the EFTA countries’ national assemblies on issues that traditionally fall under EFTA jurisdiction, such as free trade. In addition to internal meetings and meetings with the Council of Ministers, the EFTA Parliamentary Committee has since 2007 undertaken delegation visits to third country partners. The aim has been, and continues to be to add a parliamentary dimension to ongoing EFTA free trade negotiations.

Within the context of the EEA, the Delegation’s responsibilities include expressing views on EEA cooperation through reports and resolutions, and reviewing the EEA Joint Committee’s annual report. The aim is to influence new developments early in the EU/EEA process. In this regard the relationship to the European Parliament is of specific importance and the Delegation participates actively in the EEA Joint Parliamentary Committee. The EEA part of the EFTA cooperation has recently been strengthened by an additional annual meeting with the three EEA EFTA ministers. From Norway, the responsible minister in these meetings is the Minister at the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for EU and EEA Affairs.