The Delegation for Relations with the European Parliament

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The delegation meets the corresponding delegation from the European Parliament to debate and discuss issues of current interest relating to European politics and parliamentary cooperation between the Storting and the European Parliament.

Delegation members

The Delegation for Relations with the European Parliament comprises 12 members of the Storting’s Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Head of Delegation: Huitfeldt, Anniken (Labour Party)
First Deputy Head of Delegation: Halleraker, Øyvind (Conservative Party)
Second Deputy Head of Delegation: Tybring-Gjedde, Christian (Progress Party)
Member: Agdestein, Elin Rodum (Conservative Party)
Member: Alexandrova, Regina (Conservative Party)
Member: Graham, Sylvi (Conservative Party)
Member: Grande, Trine Skei (Liberal Party)
Member: Hansen, Svein Roald (Labour Party)
Member: Hareide, Knut Arild (Christian Democratic Party)
Member: Helleland, Trond (Conservative Party)
Member: Navarsete, Liv Signe (Centre Party)
Member: Nesvik, Harald T. (Progress Party)
Member: Nybakk, Marit (Labour Party)
Member: Rytman, Jørund (Progress Party)
Member: Simensen, Kåre (Labour Party)
Member: Solhjell, Bård Vegar (Socialist Left Party)
Member: Støre, Jonas Gahr (Labour Party)


The International Department is responsible for secretariat duties for the Storting’s Delegation for Relations with the European Parliament.

Telephone: +47 23 31 30 50

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